Sunday, April 24, 2011

Supply Laundry leads Semi Pro League


The photo above is from the Special Collections at the University of Washington. It lists the photo as undated. More research needed, but Tommy Sullivan might be the same Tom Sullivan who played with Seattle in 1928. Bud Davis was 21 years old in 1924, and had two partial seasons in the PCL. Louis and Elmer Tesreau both starred in football at the University of Washington. Louis lettered in 1925-26-27, Elmer in 1923-24-25. Louis was an all-American fullback in 1927. Most interesting is Tiny Leonard. I think this may be the same E. E. 'Tiny' Leonard who played for the Portland Beavers in 1915. There was also an E. E. 'Tiny' Leonard who moved to Seaside, Oregon in 1923 and set up a taffy shop. I believe that is the same one who played for the Beavers. Floyd Borderude did play with the Longview Cannibals but I can find no actual information he was on the Chicago Cubs. Monroe Dean kept going and ended playing 8 years in the minors.

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